About Nick Reader

Nick is a landscape photographer based in North Cornwall. He runs a successful Gallery in Rock which is open Monday through Saturday.

“Cornwall’s light is ever changing.  Moody dark skies give way to fluffy white clouds.  Sunsets can be fire red one day and golden the next.  The ocean quickly shifts from a foreboding grey to a light turquoise and all it takes is a break in the clouds or a change in the wind.  Being buffeted by the wind or pelted sideways by the rain is the life of a Landscape Photographer in Cornwall and it’s exciting.  Often my day starts before the sun comes up,  chasing the tides, lugging equipment down over some rocks, trying to photograph a giant wave smashing against the cliff.  I strive to capture that sense of power and beauty that this landscape so readily shows us.  The colours, textures and tones of this coastline provide me with a visual feast.  More than anywhere else I have travelled Cornwall’s lure is the most powerful”.

Nick was born in Hong Kong in 1975.  His interest in photography started at a young age with an old manual Pentax film camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod.  Later he joined various photography clubs and learned to develop and print black and white photographs.  He went on to study Design and Applied Arts at the Edinburgh College of Arts and now lives and work in Cornwall as a photographer, turning his hand to all sorts of photographic commissions and personal projects.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  What we have caught on film is captured for ever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”.  Aaron Siskind

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